Moko-Ika-Hikuwaru Art

LI : To learn and illustrait a taniwha using our imagination.

This week we did a drawing on the Taniwha Legend. A Taniwha is a dragon-like creature that has 8 tails, red eyes, spiky body. It also  lives in the deep waters such as Rivers, Lakes, And Caves it also lives in the Panmure basin. In conclusion This is what my group imagined and drew.

I found this activity amazing because we had learnt about the Legend of the Taniwha and we got to learnt his whereabouts.

One thought on “Moko-Ika-Hikuwaru Art

  1. Hello Aarush, I really like your Moko Ika HikuWaru, the details are very great. Keep up the good work Aarush. It is really good. Does your Moko Ika Hik waru have a tail?

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