Nuclear Protest

L.I: To learn about NZ History

For this weeks work we did history, the task was national so everything was in NZ we did history about nuclear. France tested the nuclear weapons in the pacific ocean.

Many New Zealand residents understood that the US has a lot of nuclear weapons and also uses nuclear power in some of its warships.  As part of the ANZUS alliance the US planned to send its warships to New Zealand harbours for visits. Fast forward 20 years and many New Zealanders are opposed to having nuclear warships in our harbours as it poses a hazard to the residence as nuclear reactors can contaminate the water and cause massive damage to the environment and numerous other safety hazards. Following this statement a man named George Armstrong organised a peace squadron to intercept the USS Haddo from entering Waitemata harbour, the squadron consisted of kayaks, boats, dinghies, and other water vessels. Following the end of world war 2.

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