Tag: PE


We learned about ki-o-rahi but new skills

First Miss White tell us to demonstration how to play step.

Then we got into four groups and we step around the cones and we played the step relay race.

Last we Played the octopus in tiny square.

I enjoyed because I like doing pe.I did well joining in for all of the games. I need to improve at steping around the cones.

Hockey games

We learned about hockey skills.

First we dribble with a hockey stick and the hockey ball.

Then we dribble two times and push pass and you have to pass to your partner with a hockey stick and the hockey ball.

Next we know the foot rule is when the hockey ball comes to your leg then you are out.

Last we dribble the ball with the hockey stick.

I enjoyed the Hockey skills because I good at dribble and push past.

I did well at hockey stick because it makes me focus.

I need to improve on controlled on holding the hockey stick.




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