Tag: Te Reo Māori

Te Reo Maori

I learned about te reo maori.

First We sat down on the mat and we are not allow to speak engilsh because if you speak then you will get one silp.

Next Whaea Odie picked the maori cards which we then we had to say in maori.

Last Whaea Odie put the cards the maori cards in the ground then Whaea Odie point the cards and she said a maori number.

I enjoyed because I like doing te reo maori. I did well at maori. I need to improve on speaking maori.


Maori Athlete

I learned about maori athlete.

First I choose a famous person called Suzie bates.

Then I put the title and the photo in the google draw and even questions.

Last I answered the question about suzie bates.

I enjoyed because I like doing Maori Athlete. I did well at answered the questions. I need to improve on writing more about suzie bates.

Te Reo Maori

I learned about maori.

First I  look the question and waka is south and lka is north.

Then I answer the all question.

Last i done the te reo maori.

I enjoyed because I have answer the question.I did well at looking the question.I need to improve on te reo maori.


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