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Collaborative Art

LI:  To use different types of warm and cool colours to recreate a world-known painting from Van Gogh.

This week’s art is about Van Gogh and his famous art piece “The Starry Night”. The Class was divided into 2 groups of 16 people, 1 of each group remade “The Starry Night” in warm colours and cool colours digitally. Each group divided 16 pieces of the Starry Night with each person in the group. Working as a collaborative team we gathered all or pieces to 1 DLO to finally reach our desired outcome.

I found this activity good because doing handdrawing and matching is good.

Whale Tail

In art I desiged  a whale tail and the colours i used were red and blue.

First i colour the whale tail and the red represents the whales blood.

Next i draw the line and the blue represents the sea.

Last I done the whale tail colouring and drawing.

I enjoyed because i like doing art.I did well at focusing on my art work.I need to improve on colouring.


I learned about patterns.

First I made the first silde and i but the shape in the goolge silde.

Then I made all the silde then i write down the title and write down by aarush.

Last I made it pretty and i but the background on the silde.

I enjoyed because i but the shapes like patterns.I did well at focusing harder at maths.I need to improve maths.


We learned about Art.

first we make the second art.

Then my emotion is sad.

Last we did the second Art.

I enjoyed art because I’m good at art.

I did well at art because it makes me focus.

I need to prove on lines.


We learnt about quartrefoil Art.

First we answered all the question’s about Max Gimblett.

Then Mr Ogilve shows as how to make a quartrefoil art .

Next we make the quartrertre foil art good.

Last I use the polylines and circles to make my art.

I enjoyed because i made crazy emotions.

I did well at art because it makes me focus.

I need to improve on lines.

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