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Moko-Ika-Hikuwaru Art

LI : To learn and illustrait a taniwha using our imagination.

This week we did a drawing on the Taniwha Legend. A Taniwha is a dragon-like creature that has 8 tails, red eyes, spiky body. It also  lives in the deep waters such as Rivers, Lakes, And Caves it also lives in the Panmure basin. In conclusion This is what my group imagined and drew.

I found this activity amazing because we had learnt about the Legend of the Taniwha and we got to learnt his whereabouts.


LI: To remember and give information about Kokako Lodge

After camp, we created a brochure about information and highlights about our experiences at Kokako Lodge. We used our persuasive skills and gave reasons to why our audience would want to go. We used pictures to show what it is like at Kokako Lodge and what they provide for you.

I found this activity good because we spend time in camp.

Designing Transport

Today I learned about Transport.

First I wrote down the pros and cons and cons means like a problem and pros means like solved the problem.

Then I draw the flying car with shapes.

Lastly I labelled the flying car with lines.

I enjoyed because I like doing Transport. I did well at writing pros and cons. I need to improve on labelling the car.

Train Facts

I learned about Train facts.

First we wrote ten facts about trains.

Then we named the title called facts about trains.

Last we put the photo in the google drawing.

I enjoyed because I learned facts about trains. I did well at wrote ten facts. I need to improve on writing more facts about trains.

Land Cars

Cars are like driveing to places like Homes, Shoping, Schools, Mall and Snow Mount. Benz made the wagon and Benz called it the Benz patent motorwagon.

Benz patent motorwagon parts are one seat, engine, steering commans, three wheels. The people ride motor wagon to drive. Benz sale alot a motorwagon.

The cars grew older and older and older and than they start making modren cars. Modern means new like explain they are new cars. That’s when Benz made the motorwagon.


I learned about transportation. The transportation are four modes like rail, sea, land, air.

First I put the photo in the rail, sea, land, air slide and i write the author and source and licenes.

Then I wrote descriptions for about rail, sea, land, air in the silde.

Last I wrote down the what is transportation is four modes like air, sea, land,  rail. Transportation is for moving people or things from one place to another.Some types of transportation are car, train, boat, airplane.

I enjoyed because I like doing Inquiry. I did well at writing more descriptions. I need to improve on writing more descriptions.