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How to read a nutrition label

LI:  To read food labels and understand what they tell us 

This week’s inquiry is about nutrition labels and how we read them. Our task was to make a poster that tells us how to read a nutrition label and how much of the portion should it have in a meal to be a healthy diet. We had to choose between 9 cereals that was the most healthiest by reading the nutrition label individually and I chose weet bix because if you eat it that gives you energy.

I found this activity was good because they will tells us to read the Nutrition so we will understand about the less sugars.

Research about Scurvy

LI: To understand what a balanced diet looks like and why it is important for human health.

For our first Inquiry topic for Term 2 we did a study about what a scurvy is a disease caused from vitamin C. how can people get affected, the people will get vitamin c . And what can we do to avoid it. We wrote did you know facts to help us be able to learn about scurvy such as, eating fruits. Did you know that scurvy can occur at the age of 6 to 12 months. Scurvy is caused by lack of Vitamin C for at least 3 months. I was mostly common for pirates/sailors.

I found this activity good because we have to eat the fruits.


Kauri Dieback

LI: To gather statistics and protect the Kauri Tree from getting the Kauri Disease.

The following week after camp we did a research about the Kauri Dieback. Then we created a DLO about the Kauri Disease on how we can prevent it from destroying our nature. Though we can do things such as cleaning our shoes will to stop the disease from killing our tree.

I found this activity good because it will stop the disease or it will die.

What is a River?

This week we have been learning about what rivers are, their unique attributes and how to label them. We then created a DLO about the Tamaki river and its history. Did you know the Tamaki river is 15 Kilometres long. Using our knowledge that we acquired, we showcased the features of the Tamaki river using an aerial map. We then compared the Tamaki River with a prominent river in the world. Our group chose to look at the Mississippi. Finally we made a comparison of the two rivers.

We found this activity interesting because I learnt new things about a river around the World.

Treaty of Waitangi

LI : To explore the world in 1840 and the art of the treaty

This week we looked at the what the world was like in 1840. Did you know the flags hanging are british’s colonies. After this we identified some of the key people and their role in the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. I found it interesting that Hone Heke was the first cheif to agree with the british. Treaty was signed. We used our knowledge to infer what the artist Marcus King might have wanted us to think was happening.

I found this really interesting because I inferred from Marcus King’s Vision. 



Create Transport

I learned about create transport.

First I wroet down cons and pros about other transport. I had to choose some of the cons and make something that fixed it. I draw the flying car.

Last I label the flying car parts and I had to write an explanation.

I enjoyed because I like doing inquiry. I did well at writing full stops. I need to improve on writing commas.

Pro And Con

In inquiry we learned about pro and con.

Pro means person or event and even professional.

Con means tricking them or lying to them.

Jet ski is a motorbike but it go to the water and that jet ski is the faster.

Ship has a hotel and a waterpark and a cafe and a roller caster.


I learned about skits. Skits are like making short film.

First we wrote down the massage in the big paper. The message for our skit was don’t bully.

Then we wrote down the script in the big paper.

Last we practise our script.

I enjoyed because I like doing Inquiry. I did well at skit. I need to improve on practicing our skit


Story Types

In inquiry we learned about story types

Myth is a event traditions story like the mangled fingers.

Fairy tale is a made up story like the three little pigs.

Legned is a historical heroes like the many legends of diwail.

Fable is a moral story like the crow and the pitcher.

They are many story types


Cultural Stories

I learned about cultural stories.

First I read four stories from different cultures from Rua and Te Manu, The Many Lengends Diwail,The Kakangora and The Lengend of the Nian Beast.

Then I summarised the four stories.

Last I put the photo in the google maps.

I enjoyed because I like doing cultural stories.I did well at cultural stories.I need to improve on writing better summaries.