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Comment Thread

I learned about comment thread.

First I wrote down the comment in the google doc.

Then I wrote down the replay in edblogs comment.
Last I  copy the comment in the edblogs.

I enjoyed because I like doing commenting. I did well at writing comment. I need to improve on writing farewere.


I learned about commenting.

First I watch the video called science alive.

Then I look down the comments and there are nine comments.

Last I wrote down my comments and I say Hi my name is Aarush and I’m from Panmmure Bridge and LS1 too. I liked that you showed the blower blowing the toilet paper. That was funny. I learned about hovercrafts. I’d love to see more next time. What would you invent if you could invent any machine?

I enjoyed because I like doing commenting . I did well at commenting. I need to improve on writing more comments.