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Statistical Investigation

LI: To read the text, gather sort, graph and analyse the data

Our math group created a diagram which shows the top six rivers in Auckland from smallest to largest. We used our collaborative skills to find out the data of each river. We put these rivers in this order from shortest to longes like Whau 5.7km, Puhoi 13km, Tamaki 15km, Waitakere 16km, Hoteo 28 km, Wairoa 65km. We used our knowledge to come to the conclusion on what river is the longest out of the 6 rivers in Auckland, which is Wairoa river because it is 65km.

I found this activity good  because did the smallest to longest.

How To Tell The Time

Time means when the hour starts at twelve o’ clock and then when the mintues start and then the time will be 0

They use a clock to help people to tell the time. The small hand means the hour for explain when the time hits in one hour for study and then it lands in the 3: oo that means he gets to play outside and then he goes to sleep for 7: 00.

The big hand means minutes for explain when it hits on 2: 44 that means end of the day and they eat dinner in 6: 19.

they made clocks for reading the time  and they made a watch to look the time and they build alarm for they wake up for work and school and thats how you tell the time .


Marble Maze

We learned about marble maze.

First Mr Wong show us the marble maze.

Next we drew in the piece of paper for our marble maze.

Last we made the marble maze in the silde when Mr Wong share us the google.

I enjoyed because I like doing marble maze. I did well at making it harder in the marble maze. I need to improve on  drawing on my piece of paper.

Time and Distance

I learned about Time and Distance.

First we use 8m tape an then we have to put the cones in like 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m.

Then we use the phones for the time and they have to record in they’re laptop.

Last we run for distance then a person they have to run to the end.

I enjoyed because I like doing maths. I did well at doing the stopwatch. I need to improve on running more speed.


Statistical Investigation Organiser

I learned about Statistical Investigation Organiser.

First we watch two videos called Olympic Shooting Pistol and how to use a shotgun.

Then I wrote down the questions called who is better at shooting, boys or girls?.

Last I wrote down the data called gender.

I enjoyed because I like doing Statistical Investigation Organiser. I hope we finish Investigation. I need to improve on writing more maths.”