Designing Transport

Today I learned about Transport.

First I wrote down the pros and cons and cons means like a problem and pros means like solved the problem.

Then I draw the flying car with shapes.

Lastly I labelled the flying car with lines.

I enjoyed because I like doing Transport. I did well at writing pros and cons. I need to improve on labelling the car.

4 thoughts on “Designing Transport

  1. Hello Aarush I was reading your blog and it was a great blog post. When I was reading your blog I learnt about how to summarise, my question is what are the 6 important words you had to write down.

    1. Hello David. I read your comment and it was good. You’re welcome to learn what summarising means. The 6 important words were blazing, revenge, carnivorous, humiliation, extract and kickball.

      1. Hello Aarush. I read your comment, now I know the 6 important words, thank you for making me learn what summarising means.

  2. I like comment when i was writing i saw your blog and it was great blog and I learned a lot informal letters and can you make longer sentence and bye david

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