Procedural Writing

LI: To write a set of clear instructions that show how to make a hangi.

  1. You need to dig a pit.
  2. You have to stack up some twigs and put volcanic rocks on top and light the twigs on fire
  3. After it’s done you have to put the volcanic rocks in the pit  and then put meat and vegetables in the pit (on tray)
  4. You have to put the  layers of cloths on the trays and you have to put the dirt on the pit  
  5. After 3 hours you have to remove the dirt and the cloths you are done and  you can eat kia


Today we unpacked how to follow and write a set of instructions. To do this effectively your instructions need to be explicit and the steps to follow ordered. Each step begins with an instructional verb and should be written in a way that is easy to understand.

I enjoyed Procedural because we have to listen the our steps slowly.

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